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Monthly Archive July 26, 2021

Using an IRA and the Stock Market to Increase Savings

Understanding stock trends provides stock investors with advantages. Big Charts from
Market Watch, allows investors to see how different stocks are trending. Likewise, most
stock brokerage firms provide similar features

Qualified Immunity: an Obstacle to Police Accountability

Police officers generally do not suffer any out-of-pocket cost or imprisonment
when they violate the rights of citizens or when they kill without cause. And, often police
departments do not release bodycam footage that might show police misconduct.

Raising the Minimum Wage Increases Employment

Increasing the minimum wage of 1.7 million low-wage workers to $15.00 per hour would increase US gross domestic product (GDP) by approximately $27.4 billion per year {=2080 Hrs./Yr. X ($15.00-$7.25) X 1,700,000}.