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Qualified Immunity: an Obstacle to Police Accountability
Raising the Minimum Wage Increases Employment
Increasing Money in Circulation Creates Jobs
Using an IRA and the Stock Market to Increase Savings
The Cost of not Wearing Masks During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Monetary Policy Missteps
Democratic Voters in South Carolina
The Benefits of a Caribbean Credit Union
Chronology of Facility Maintenance Assessment
Using R Statistics
In the Long Run Financial Sanctions will Backfire
Improving the Economy of Distressed Communities 
Inappropriate Wage Reduces the Supply of Local Eastern Shore Crab Pickers
Autonomous Vehicles: Are they Safe?
The US Tariffs are Unlikely to be Beneficial
Tax Cuts Outcomes
The Extreme Partisan Divide Hurts all Americans
Understanding Profit and its Components
Building a Safety Culture
What are Organization Identity and Organizational Identification?
Strategy, what is it?
How do Organizations Learn
Vinyl Asbestos Tiles
Engineering Systems
Full employment, why not?
Lack of Liquidity Affects Consumption
The EpiPen Controversy
Communications Reduces Conflict
Black banking and credit coordination
Bad policing and police killings are Leadership Problems
DC Metro and the Culture of Safety
Improving WMATA
External Audits Could Improve DC Metro Safety and Reliability
Consistency is important in decision making processes
Communication is Essential for Leadership
Why voters vote the way they do?
What if black organizations were visionaries
Crude Prices: Shortage or Speculation
Economic Sleight of Hand
Lack of Money in Circulation causes Unemployment and Poverty
Economists can engineer full employment
Exogenous Capital
Understanding Aggregate Demand
Middle East Instability Drives Crude Oil Prices
Failing Grade for the Managers of ACA Website Roll Out
Failure to understand the job creation mechanism
Full Employment
Job creation is a function of credit creation
Lack of Liquidity Affects Consumption
Full Employment.pptx
Obstructionism strategy
US Strong Ties with Israel, Weak Ties with Palestine
Money Creation
Michigan and the Safe Drinking Water Act
The futility of drug supply interdiction policies
Restitution for African Slave Labor
Highly Troubling: Infecting Guatemalans with STD