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Our Approach

The Jethro Project (TJP) helps organizations improve performance. TJP brings together a combination of academics and professionals to address clients’ needs in the areas of engineering, economics, management and leadership. TJP addresses maintenance procedures, strategic planning; spend analysisassessment and cost reduction, development of procedures, economic analysis and leadership issues.

TJP uses surveys to audit client’s communication processes and to predict future outcomes. Research has shown that effective communication correlates positively with high overall  organizational performance. Thus, communication activities serve to inform, to regulate, to persuade, and to integrate stakeholders within organizations.

TJP uses econometric techniques (regressions and time series analyses) for outcomes validations and forecasting. TJP also works with clients to address organizational design challenges, such as administrative capacity and the elimination non-value processes. For instance, we map processes to identify and remove non-valued and redundant tasks.

TPJ is in a unique position to serve clients on a specialized basis.


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