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Using an IRA and the Stock Market to Increase Savings

Understanding stock trends provides stock investors with advantages. Big Charts from
Market Watch, allows investors to see how different stocks are trending. Likewise, most
stock brokerage firms provide similar features

Qualified Immunity: an Obstacle to Police Accountability

Police officers generally do not suffer any out-of-pocket cost or imprisonment
when they violate the rights of citizens or when they kill without cause. And, often police
departments do not release bodycam footage that might show police misconduct.

Raising the Minimum Wage Increases Employment

Increasing the minimum wage of 1.7 million low-wage workers to $15.00 per hour would increase US gross domestic product (GDP) by approximately $27.4 billion per year {=2080 Hrs./Yr. X ($15.00-$7.25) X 1,700,000}.

The Extreme Partisan Divide Hurts all Americans

Increasing Money in Circulation Creates Jobs

Communities prosper when there is a rising influx of income, which leads to increased consumption of goods and services.

The Cost of not Wearing Masks During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Cost of not Wearing Masks During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Base on the incident of deaths alone, without including the economic costs, any rational government would provide and mandate the wearing of face-covering to protect its citizens.

Monetary Policy Missteps

Monetary Policy Missteps

The root cause of the falling velocity of money lies in the government policy choice of distributing the unprecedented monetary base increase to corporations and not to consumers. Consumption is approximately 70 percent of the GDP. Thus, consumers would have not hoarded or use the unprecedented monetary base increase to buoy financial markets, they would have spent it on goods and services, and the velocity of money and incomes would have not declined.

The Benefits of a Caribbean Federal Credit Union

The Benefits of a Caribbean Credit Union
Often private banks are unwilling to provide credit or offer higher interest rates on loans to certain borrowers. When private banks shut off credits to Caribbean, they negatively affect the community infrastructure, such as, housing and sidewalks upgrading, as well as Caribbean well-being.

Chronology of Facility Maintenance Assessment

Chronology of Facility Maintenance Assessment
An internal assessment process is a collaborative endeavor between the management of the facility being assessed and the assessors. Full local management participation is necessary for the success of the effort. The facility audit agenda will normally adhere to the following pattern:

Using R Statistics

Using R Statistics
R is a free, open source, downloadable software from the Comprehensible R Archive Network (CRAN). It is a programing language and a software environment for data analysis and statistics (Cotton, 2013). Users can download R from mirror sites around the world. Cotton noted that R refers to two things, the programming language and the software that runs programs written in R.