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What are Organization Identity and Organizational Identification?

Strategy, what is it?

Strategy, what is it?
Strategy is a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. However, many organizations do not have clearly defined plan of action or policy designed to achieve organizational objectives. Others do not clearly define or measure organizational goals across the organization. Thus, they implement initiatives with no metrics or accountability.

How do Organizations Learn?

How do Organizations Learn?

Senge (1990a) indicated that “Organizations learn only through individual who learn.” Unfortunately, many organizational managers often ignore individuals who learn. However, if organizational managers are not maximizing the comparative advantages of learning individuals, their organizations cannot learn.

Vinyl Asbestos Tiles

Vinyl Asbestos Tiles

Vinyl asbestos tile (VAT) contains asbestos. Therefore, they must be maintained in good condition to prevent airborne asbestos particles and should be labelled as asbestos containing materials (ACM). VATs are non-friable. However, the frictional forces exerted during routine floor-care can loosen the asbestos fibers and cause them to become airborne.

Engineering Systems

Engineering Systems-

Often there is a lack of understanding as to what an engineering system is. Many confuse the performance of individual system elements with the performance or outcome of the system. “A system is a set or arrangement of interacting elements so related as to form an organic whole” (Menkes & Baldo, 1973, p.2).

Building Assessment

Building Assessment-

Successful organizations often undergo periodic assessments to ascertain existing strengths, challenges, and opportunities. Assessing or benchmarking is the practice of evaluating performance against a standard. Assessments often reveal gaps between actual and desired conditions, as established by industry best practices or another applicable standard. Gaps often provide opportunities for improvements.

Accordingly, there are three types of benchmarking exercises: (1) Internal, where a multi-facility organization establishes organizational standards for all facilities, (2) Industry, where the organization measures performance against other organizations in the same industry, and (3) Best-practice, where the organization measures performance against industry leaders, regardless of industry.